QUESTIONS- ANSWERS     via the Akashic Records           45.- € per exchange

Again and again questions arise in our lives about various life issues.

The answers to these questions already lie within us, but we often have no neutral access to our own inner wisdom and truth. Our ego with its conditioning interferes, our mind has a preconceived opinion and analyses the answers even before we have a chance to reflect on them. This leads to us not being able to see clear answers for ourselves most of the time. This is exactly where I can help you.

As a mediator, I present your question(s) to the Masters & Teachers of your Akashic Records and then pass the answers on to you in written form. The answers are not always the ones you would like to have, but they are always the ones you need for your current, further development.

Send me your question(s) to: [email protected]

I will send you the answer(s) within a few days. Please pay your compensation in advance.

What clients say about the information they received:

“I felt your genuine interest in helping and supporting me at all times. The Soul Realignment Reading also surprised with its clarity. I was able to “check” and comprehend the answers very well. It offers me good guidance. I find your work very important, great and very valuable.” 


“Many thanks for your commitment and your ability to put everything into words in a very clearly perceptible and inspiring way and to pass it on. For me you are a valuable addition to my own understanding.”


The response confirmed the universal wisdom and general direction already emerging.        Lucua du Preez Certified

BodyTalk Practitioner

A) “Soul Realignment Reading” &  Psychic Counseling      94.-Euro

A “Soul Realignment” Reading shows you who you really are, the qualities of your Soul’s Nature. You recognize your true, innate Gifts and Talents and learn which choices are “positive” and which are “negative” for you. You get the knowledge about your Soul Blueprint and your Soul Profile, your Soul’s “Specialty” and your Primary Life-“Lesson”. Through the Reading, you will understand what is beneficial for your life and what needs to be transformed or eliminated.
We bring Blockages and Restrictions from past and current life into awareness, clear and transform them.
Already in the first session, you will receive information and “tools” so that you can start to change your life for the better through active action.
In the Psychic Counseling part of our session, I’ll read in your Aura, in your Akashic Record, and answer your questions in the area of relationship, health, wealth, vocation.

B) Life-Purpose Coaching      94.- euro

If you would like to dive deeper into your Soul Purpose and your Life Plan, I offer you “Dharma” Coaching. We look at which phase of your Soul Path you are in, and which next best steps will take you further. Your “Dharma Archetype” (Soul Personality Type) provides information about your Soul’s “mission” and the optimal way for you to fulfill it. It is your inner compass on the Soul Journey of this incarnation.

C) Written Soul Blueprint Reading      45.- euros
Suitable for children and teenagers from 12 months. Knowing the innate Gifts, Talents, and personality traits of your child will help you to understand it better and to accompany it optimally.
D) Reading & Coaching Package      254.- euros
3 Sessions of 60 minutes at your preferred time intervals