Course Reviews

What I liked about the Akasha Basic Course was that I had a large part of the course PDF available before the start of the Zoom meetings.  This way I could read in at my own pace, think about it, and let it sink in. I found it very nice that Daniela translated the word backgrounds into today’s language and time. She conveys deep wisdom in complete peace and serenity. This can then be well integrated into everyday life. The training has given a lot of security and has been well guided. I like Daniela’s open, to-the-point style. No talking around the bush, which I liked very much. I am already looking forward to the continuation.


The Akasha Course was refined from time to time and brought to a peak at the end. I was especially overwhelmed that you managed, dear Daniela, to be so close to us in this virtual way. You skillfully let the group energy flow, from one participant to the other. In this way, the energetic field was potentiated and became a tangible unity. The theory and the practical exercises went hand in hand, which simplified the access to the perception of the range of this wonderful subject. I felt more at home from course evening to course evening, thank you very much.

Carmela Switzerland,

I really enjoyed Daniela’s personal thoughts! They made me think in a new way. They brought me a new awareness. The alternation between “the teacher explains/speaks” – practice – exchange was a good mixture. The whole structure fits well. Also, the group size was tip-top. I also liked the PDF very much, there is so much knowledge and wisdom in it.

Carola, Germany

I especially liked that this course is very authentic and uncomplicated. The number of participants was also perfect. With ease, awareness, and joy Daniela designed this Akasha Records course. I can only recommend this course to everyone

Rosi, Austria

Thank you so much for such a healing and valuable experience for me. I can recommend this course to anyone who feels trapped in their life issue and would like to improve their quality of life, expand their consciousness and develop.  Above all, I recommend the course to people who philosophize a lot about the meaning of life and keep asking themselves why they are here. The Akasha Basic Course has brought me further in my life and I was able to heal some life issues. I am grateful for the exercises and techniques and Daniela’s deep wisdom that she has given us for our everyday life. This has led to more lightness showing up in my life. I am more at peace and at ease.

Wenke, Germany

I really liked the freshness with which the course was conducted. Practicing with the course participants in one room was also a lot of fun. I couldn’t imagine how that would work at first. What I also found great was the Reiki healing at the end of each course evening. I am looking forward to a follow-up course.

Ines, Germany