About Myself

Healing on Soul level

I am a certified Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner, natural Medium and Crystal Healer.

Soul Realignment is an intuitive healing modality that uses the Akashic Records to access Soul level information.

All is energy. Many energetic issues follow us from lifetime to lifetime. This does not mean that we  are haunted by something negative, out of our control. It means we carry with us karmic patterns that we, through choice, have created.  Negative patterns we did and still do create through negative choices.

When we start our conscious spiritual path, we want to develop, grow and clear our way towards the Divine Being and Creators we are.

My teacher say`s:” The point of Soul Realignment is to restructure the Divine Soul Blueprint back to how it was created by Divine Source at our origination.”

A Soul Realignment Reading helps you to understand Your Souls specific Qualities, Your own special Gifts and Talents. It is about truly living your Divine Self in everyday life and create your life in abundance and happiness.

My intention is to assist you in your own work with yourself to be able to re-align to your true nature.